About Us

Promote Unity in the Body of Christ among all organizations and individuals impacting the state of Orissa;

Respond in timely and meaningful ways to a growing number of seekers in Orissa who want to know the truth and experience freedom from their current bondage and suffering;

Encourage strategic and effective work in the areas of church development, discipleship, leadership development, health and hygiene, education, agricultural improvement, individual livelihood and community development;

Inspire Christian workers and leaders, both inside and outside of Orissa to think and act boldly and creatively to bring transformation to this state.

Our Mission:

Friends of Orissa is a Non-Profit Organization (501c 3) located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Our Mission is to identify, build, strengthen and leverage strategic and reproducible models and ministries that are measurably affecting the establishment of the Christian community in Orissa.  The primary work is to research and implement the best ways to bring solid development and positive community transformation to the people of Orissa.

We coordinate and support over 40 Christian faith-based indigenous organizations in Orissa through leadership education and development.  We are partnering with nationals on the ground in their own efforts to improve the practical circumstances of the lives of their fellow Indians and have supported the work of training trainers to grow in their leadership capacity.  The heart of our mission is to:

  1. Identify and build up men and women of influence

  2. Identify and build the capacity of effective organizations

  3. Bring models and resources to bear effectively and efficiently on growth and development

  4. Facilitate a systematic and comprehensive approach through networking and partnerships