Friends of Orissa is a collaborative effort between multi-national partners and field workers from dozens of organizations in India.  We are working in the epicenter of the Orissa violence and the current need is great.  We are partnering with nationals on the ground in their own efforts to improve the practical circumstances of the lives of their fellow Indians.   Friends of Orissa is creating the largest practical partnership with nationals on the ground.

We are helping over 40 local missions to build and strengthen their own efforts to improve the lives of their fellow Indians in practical ways.  We have chosen 20 villages to begin our community transformation program of practical assistance to build the whole community through:

Orissa is one of the poorest states in one of the poorest countries in the worldEconomic.html

Girls pump water from village well to carry home

Healthcare  Healthcare.htmlEconomic.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0
  1. Clean Water

  2. Agriculture

  1. Healthcare

  2. Economic Development


We are supporting the training of trainers who can teach each other so that the work can multiply and all can grow in their leadership capacity. We are committed to creating sustainable, positive, transformational, development in the poorest parts of Orissa.  This commitment begins with research to determine effective educational training programs that can best assist indigenous organizations in positive community development.

Our Village Partnership program is a comprehensive way to meet the physical needs of the nationals so they can be more equipped to grow economically, educationally, socially, and spiritually. Village Partnership is an opportunity to join hands with a village in Orissa to help bring transformation.  Many of these villagers have experienced persecution simply because they are Christian.  Now is the time to rebuild their homes and lives and encourage unity in the village.

Each of these elements allows our national partners a way to practically meet the needs of the villagers and establish a trusting relationship with them.  Our goal would be to see every village in Orissa have one or more of these elements existing in their community.

As an example of some of the collaborative community transformation programming we offer, take a closer look at two of our programs: Healthcare and Economic Development.