Friends of Orissa works in many ways to meet the practical basic needs of the youth and train them to be effective leaders of tomorrow. We are impacting the future with partnerships that focus on:

Next Generation

Influence the youth of today to be the community transformation leaders of tomorrow

  1. Education

  2. Character development

  3. Youth movement


Youth of today are the future of tomorrow. In countries where people are so poor they can only think of their next meal, the discipline of preparing for tomorrow must be taught. Parents and children alike constantly make decisions based on where their next meal will be provided. Education, economic development, and agricultural strategies are discarded in order to fill the stomach on a daily basis.

To empower the people of Orissa the youth of today must be given the tools to effectively advance their future.

We support children in orphanages/hostels, provide primary education in rural settings, tutoring for older youth to support the entrance exams to secondary education, after school training, and sports programs for children of many ages. We are also facilitating a movement among 1 million youth in Orissa from a variety of religious backgrounds toward peace and reconciliation.

Please help support the ongoing work of Friends of Orissa as we seek to influence the youth of today to be the community transformation leaders of tomorrow.