Current Crisis
Building Bridges in Times of Need

Friends of Orissa gives practical support to those suffering from natural disasters,like floods + fires, and from attacks of Christians in Orissa. We facilitate and coordinate communication towards effectively advocating for justice, providing immediate and short-term relief, and assisting in long-term rehabilitation for victims. Relief and development efforts are happening on the ground in the form of relocation, temporary survival kits, immediate and short-term medical care, and replacement home construction.

There is often a need to provide survival kits with basic items like clothing, blankets, cooking utensils, basic food, sanitation items, sleeping mats, and emergency medical supplies. Please consider a gift of $50.00 or more to provide basic care to disaster victims.

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Christians burned out in August ’08 Violence

“I am Harish Nayak (name changed for protection) of Kandhamal District in Orissa.

I want to express my gratefulness to the donors who gave me some relief through Friends of Orissa.

They (culprits) chased me, my wife and children.  We run to the jungle to save our lives. They brought total destruction to my house.  Some how we were able to make it to relief camp.  And then went to the relatives who were staying in nearest town called where we were able to get some help from the brothers of  Friends of Orissa. Absolutely we had no extra clothing. They provided us blankets, sarees, lunghees, bed sheets, towels etc.  Also we got some rice. 

We can’t express how much they were valuable to us.  We were just crying.  We were helpless and hopeless.  We were feeling as if we were experiencing the hell.

This relief brought us our life back.  Our ceased tears started rolling again.  We felt the love of God.  We knew God is still caring for us.  That is why His people are helping us.

In few days we went back to relief camp.  Now we are at my village as the relief camp is closed. I am the only Christian who came back to my village as a Christian. Government has given me a shed where I can stay till my house is built.

The Items provided Friends of Orissa has been a great help to us.  We have been using them till to day.  May the abundant blessings of God come up on all the donors who have extended their loving hands to me and many brothers and sisters who have been suffering like us.”