VILLAGE PARTNERSHIPS: Celebrate community with the Indian nationals through programs that offer training in health, economic stabilization, education, water, and/or agriculture. Partner with a specific village and be a part of the transformational process.

NEXT GENERATION: Support a child for $25/month through Friends of Orissa to ensure that the next generation of Indians is loved and cared for through education, providing food, tutoring, training in biblical principals & character development.

SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION: Help train and equip our national partners as they lead the church into the next century. Invest in national Christian leadership for the spiritual development of Orissa.

CRISIS RELIEF: Crisis occurs on a regular basis in Orissa. Please help provide desperately needed emergency items in times of dire need. Every year Orissa is greatly impacted by the monsoon floods.

GENERAL FUND: Your generous gifts help meet the shortfall that is often found in the various program costs.


Friends of Orissa organizational overhead is funded by its founders so 100% of your donations are sent directly to the effected people that need it most. By working directly with indigenous non-profit organizations, many of which Friends of Orissa supports on a monthly basis, we have established a unique relationship to assure that your donation to this worthy cause will have the most impact and effect where it is needed most.

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We request that contributions over $1000 be sent via check.

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“Friends of Orissa”

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411 Lakewood Circle. Suite B-715

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