Spiritual Development

Friends of Orissa is committed to building a network of Christian leaders through training, accountability and transparency who are developing and laboring together in unity. Through our Community Transformation Training Program we partner with emerging leaders in 3-day training sessions that cover a variety of topics geared toward building them up as strong community and spiritual leaders.  Topics like effective strategies, oral communication, capacity building, mentoring, prayer, marriage and family principles, healthcare, and economic development are taught on a rotating basis.  The foundation of all we teach centers on three main components of:

  1. Leadership mentoring

  2. Church development

  3. Collaboration


Monthly training sessions of 30 leaders are held at 7 – 10 centers across Orissa.  Each of those leaders go back and train 2 – 4 more leaders during the month.  This program is proving to be a very effective way of equipping many leaders who desire to develop the church in Orissa.  Quarterly and yearly goals are established for key areas of transformation.


Occasional practical support is offered in areas of bicycle transportation, small stipends, or conference tuition.  A literature translation, printing, and distribution program is also in effect.

Please join this strategic highly successful team of internationals.